High Tea at the Burj Al Arab



magnificent hotel on a manmade Island

magnificent hotel on a manmade Island

How can a hotel be 7 Stars? I thought star ratings stopped at five? I had been hearing about this 7 star hotel built on the most luxurious manmade Island, accessible only by rolls royce, a reservation and deep pockets. When I vacationed in Dubai I decided I had to see this “wonder of the world” so I made a reservations. I could only afford High Tea which was a whopping $177usd/person

I arrived with my friends about 30 minutes before the time of our reservations. The building was simply spectacular although a little too gaudy for my taste. There were dancing fountains in the lobby, speed elevators, gold plated everything.

IMG_6764 IMG_6763 IMG_6762 IMG_6761

Our table included a view of palm Island and a lovely view of the Arabian Sea. Words cannot describe the oppulence.

The Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea


Table view

Table view


We were greeted by our Indonesian waitress and then the meal started. We ate, laughed. snapped pictures  and ate some more. Food was delicious although there was a high risk of developing diabetes after eating so many desserts.

Dates Stuffed with Apricots – 1st Course


Beef and Potatoes

Beef and Potatoes

Assorted Sandwiches



Assorted muffins with jams and clotted crew,

Assorted muffins with jams and clotted cream,



DSCN0314 DSCN0316

Jams and clotted cream




It was my birthday so our waitress brought over cake and a rose.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Burj Al Arab  and definitely recommend it this activity for anyone travelling to Dubai. I felt that I “arrived!”. I don’t think that I would do it a second time though.


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