You points are well made and I agree 100%. To your abused friend, I hope she seeks counseling in order to rebuild her self-esteem. If not, she will likely be a victim again (I hate to say it and I’m not wishing that on her).

In light of all the Cosby accusers, I find Beverly Johnson’s accusations comparatively troubling. What was she doing at his house…twice..with his wife not home? Secondly, and I’m only speculating, she may have been a victim of this same type of “attack” by a white male in the fashion world. In it, models are rewarded with advancement if they’re willing to “cooperate”. That could be the reason she remained silent all these years. I don’t find her 100% credible, unfortunately.

That being said…Dr. Huxtable has a problem. He’s no different than any other philandering husband enjoying the trappings of fame and fortune, treating women as disposable pleasures. You cant be too morally grounded if you fellowship with Hugh Heffner and frequent the Playboy Mansion. Is he any different than the rest of them? NO! Do I find it suspicious that these collective allegations are re-surfacing at the same time? YES. Is Mr. Cosby complicit in repeated acts of adultery? A resounding YES.

The truth lies somewhere between his assertions of innocence and the “complexities” of his accusers. I’m glad I’m not the judge who has to decide on this.

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