Seduced by the Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon diver

A friend and I decided to take a trip across Jamaica to find this beautiful water falls called Reach Falls. We drove from Kingston and as we entered the hills of St Mary, we were awed by the the greenery and lush beauty. The place seemed untouched and showed no signs of human interference except the asphalt road that we were driving on and the occasional plume of smoke escaping through the window of someone’s outdoor kitchen as they boiled their morning tea.

The air was fresh and slightly chilly as the Caribbean sun hadn’t fully risen yet. We rolled down the windows and allowed the wind to comb my hair as I chewed on some sweet sugar cane I purchased from a rastaman on the way to his farm.

As the drive continued into Portland the scenery got even more beautiful, thanks to the frequent relief rain. I stopped multiple times to snap pictures.

Navy Island in background

Navy Island in background

As we drove under a tree canopy I glanced to my left and saw the most beautiful bluest water that I have ever seen. Blue waters is a common sight in Jamaica but there was something about this shade of blue. I asked my friend to stop and I jumped out of the car armed with my camera. As I peeked through the trees I noticed a narrow road heading down the hill and yes I jogged down it as my friend sat in the car with a worried expression. The water was so beautiful and seductive that all I wanted to do was to get closer and to  take a dip inside of it (no pun intended)

blue l2

As I reached the foot of the hill I was excited to see that this wasn’t a commercial beach. I kept walking and as I turned the corner I saw the most magnificient site. A large pool or lagoon of fresh water. The seductive water was warm in some parts and freezing in others as it collects the water flowing down the blue mountains.

Boat men are available on the beach to give you a ride across the lagoon either on a raft or a small boat for about $60usd. A few vendors also peddle art on the beach but apart from this the blue lagoon is a peaceful non crowded area. It is a must see if you are ever visiting Portland


Until next Time

Jamaican Girl