Ode to the Annoying Chain Letter


Once upon a time there were prolific chain letter writers. Gaining inspiration from their zero friends, they would write  letters implying that refusal to pass on the chain letter would lead to imminent death or strings of bad luck. These letters kept mailmen in business. Although annoying to many recipients, they kept being passed around, since receivers did not want to risk ruin.

Fastforward to the age of emails, the letters increased since they could be sent for free. Many letters, passive aggressively threatened that if you do not forward to 20 or more people quickly, you would face an everlasting string of bad luck.

The letters eventually evolved into conscience attackers, with endings such as share with 10 people if you are not ashamed of Jesus or if you love your mom or if you are not a heartless witch.

The text letters are the worst especially if you pay for messages or even if you don’t.  Ever get a text or whatsapp saying “forward to 10 beautiful ladies”? I only tolerate these from my friends’ moms which are few and far between and I absolutely ignore them. Please dont send me this crap.

Thankfully social media has reduced the amount of chain letters being paraded around but then the people who base their sole existence on the amount of likes they can garner on Facebook discovered memes. Memes pop up in my news feed begging for likes or  comments of “yes” and “amen”


Power in pressing "like"

Power in pressing “like”


But the worst chain letter/meme is the one that shows a picture of “Jesus” that implies some kind of blessing if you press like or type “Amen”. Last I checked Jesus wasnt a geenie

Everyday I see these annoying memes and I wonder at the people who like them or type amen. Most importantly I wonder about the people who create and share them. So desperate for likes. Lie on the lord much?

It is not all fools day

It is not all fools day

Chain letters, texts memes are annoying. If a meme or post requests likes….Dont press like….Just move on. Your response to a meme does NOT determine who you are so if you don’t like a meme of a man crying because his mom died, you are not heartless. Say a prayer in your heart for him if you feel so inclined but whatever you do.. do NOT feed these attention whores.


Official companies like face book and whatsapp will not implement a charge unless you forward the message to 10 people. Think about it before you forward and if common sense doesn’t do the trick then check snopes.com. Whatever you do, STOP FORWARDING THIS CRAP.

Trust me nothing will happen to you!!!

Rolls Eyes

When pics of White Jesus is created offering you blessings, its unlikely that the person who created it is a prophet. Also do you think 10 million $100 bills will just fall through the unlit chimney (if you have one) of all the people who pressed like. Think about how foolish it is. Again don’t share, don’t like, just ignore.


Just stop the stupidity!