Aphrodisiacs Jamaican Style

From the beginning of time a man’s self esteem has been wrapped up in his libido. It is a human male thing and every country that I have visited has had aphrodisiacs as a part of their culture.


Jamaican Men

If you drive through fern gully and look at the sculptures or you listen to Jamaican music it will not take you long to realize that Jamaican men have big egos when it comes to their bedroom skills. They often brag about their ability to give multiple orgasms and of course the supposedly “big plank” that they walk around with in their pants. It is of no surprise that their are many foods eaten in Jamaica to help these men live up to their outlandish claims about their bedroom abilities. They say these things are all about strengthening their backs – yes literal backs

Jamaican Aphrodisiacs? How do I count the ways: Raw Oysters, Manish water (Goat Soup with balls), Sour Sop Juice, Carrot Juice, Roots!, Peanut Porridge, numerous roots of plants boiled etc.

Previously women toiled at home making these potent tasting brews for their spouses and on rare occasions you would see a rastaman in Ochio Rios or downtown pushing a handcart with some sketchy looking bottles of roots. Men would buy these brews quickly and I have always wondered if they are not afraid of diarrhea .

On a recent trip to a Jamaican supermarket I saw an entire shelf dedicated to these brews. Some of the names were so suggestive I couldn’t help but to bust out laughing: There was “Stan Up”, “Mandingo”, “Coction” and many others. Thankfully they were hidden away in the liquor section as I couldn’t imagine a deaconess or my grandmother seeing this “abomination”.

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Do these actually work? Honestly I couldn’t tell you but based their rising popularity…. It seems so